Once your Visa application has been successfully processed and granted, the Agency Investments’ team of dedicated staff will provide comprehensive support for your transition, re-location and settlement in the UK

“Dream Big. Start small.
Act now.”

Robin Sharma

Services include:

  • A dedicated counsellor fluent in your language
  • Family relocation and accommodation
  • Educational placement of children
  • Personal and business legal support
  • Family and business banking facilities including Financial and Investment planning
  • Business accounting services to ensure compliance with Visa regulations

In addition to being provided with your own dedicated counsellor, our team of multi-national staff will also be on hand to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly at every stage. There will be no language or cultural barriers to contend with and the environment provided by Agency Investments will be as near as possible to that of a “home from home” for you and your family.

Re-location and Accommodation

Our team of property experts will find and secure accommodation most suitable to your family’s needs. Whether you choose to rent or purchase, there will be a dream home found for you in the UK.

Educational Placement

Our educational experts provide an extensive selection of the UK finest schools and Universities to choose from and a full Guardian service for the younger children, as and when required.

Guardian Services:

  • Affecting legal documentation, when required, between parents, schools and guardians
  • Monitoring your child’s progress and welfare with regular liaisons between parents, schools and guardians
  • Termly academic reports for parents
  • Attendance at school social events
  • Escorted travel within the UK
  • Provision of all transportation within the UK, including transfers to and from school and guardian families
  • Monitoring your children’s financial requirements and arranging visits to places of local cultural interest both at weekends and during school holidays
  • Preparation courses (including intensive English language classes) to ensure each child benefits fully from their new school life in the UK

Legal Team

Our legal team will assist in any capacity required but most specifically in ensuring that, on arrival in the UK, the legal formalities for you and your family are met in full.


Personal and Business banking services are available through our partner financial institution to assist with transfers of funds and investments, as and when required.


Our accounting team will ensure that all financial documents under the visa regulations are prepared and presented accurately for the UK authorities, along with updated Business Plans, as required.


Your partnership with Agency Investments continues until you and your family are settled in the UK.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Lao Tzu

At Agency Investments we understand the complexities of achieving UK residential status, re-location and investment into the UK, we also understand the short-term and long-term-benefits.
We always aim to give our clients the highest quality advice and assistance possible.

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