Investment Principles


  • Portfolios are customised according to each client’s requirements, rules and restrictions.

Open Architecture

  • Access to several research providers and ongoing dialogue with analysts and credit rating agencies. Execution capabilities with counterparties across the street.


  • Investments in only liquid plain vanilla benchmark instruments with no exposure to either private placements or structured products.


  • Portfolios are diversified by sector, region and issuer. Construction of a typically segregated corporate bond portfolio will consist of 40 names, on average (i.e. 2.5% per issuer).

Manage Access

  • Regular access to your portfolio manager and the fixed income team. Additional information is available through the online portal and Investment Committee publications.
Advantages Risks
The reassurance of having one of the worlds most trusted financial institutions, managing your assets Returns depend on the strategy, asset allocation, securities and correct market views
A Relationship Manager who helps you pick the solution tailored to your needs, risk tolerance and investment goals No capital or return guarantee and no guaranteed achievement of investment objective which is of importance for the balanced profile
Multiple strategies and methods of implementation available 50% fixed income/50% equity
A portfolio managed by a seasoned investment and monitored according to stringent guideline The liquidity of the instruments team depends on the product and its strict control respective market environment
Experienced managers managing your investments in accordance with the Tier 1 (Investor) Visa requirements Market developments can Influence the bank strategy and/or investment modules (in rule based mandates) and result in losses
Regular detailed reporting

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